Environmental protection is one of the fundamental state policies of China, and the concepts of environment, occupational health and work safety enjoy increasingly popular support.  In recent years, China has developed more environmental protection infrastructures.  Under the current climate of improving legislation and increasing the regulation and scrutiny of environmental protection and work safety, environmental, professional health and work safety compliance now play a critical role in daily corporate management and investment and M&A transactions.  The growth in environmental rights trading (including carbon and sewage credits) continues to be driven by emerging environmental rights and the increasing pressure of energy-saving and emission-reduction on enterprises, accompanying a wide variety of financing arrangements.  JunHe is committed to delivering first-class legal and compliance services regarding environmental, occupational health and work safety (EHS) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters to domestic and foreign clients.

Our Team

JunHe’s EHS team is composed of over 20 partners, counsel and associates, who offer a full range of legal and compliance services regarding EHS issues to clients from different industries.


JunHe’s ESG team is composed of over 20 partners, counsel and associates, who offer a full range of compliance services regarding ESG issues to funds, investors and all types of enterprises.


The EHS and ESG teams also work with our teams in the areas of corporate and M&A, capital markets, real estate and infrastructure regarding EHS and ESG compliance aspects, to provide solutions to our clients on an integrated basis.

Key Practice Areas

Our work in the areas of minerals, resources and environmental protection typically includes:


  • EHS compliance;

  • ESG;

  • Managing environmental and safety incidents and resolving disputes;

  • Environmental rights trading and green finance;

  • Investment and financing, PPP and M&A transactions in relation to environmental infrastructures.

Unique Strengths of Environmental Practice Group

We have extensive experience in the areas of environmental infrastructure construction, operation, investment and financing and M&A transactions.  Our team has successfully represented clients in areas such as water plants, sewage treatment plants, waste treatment and solid waste and hazardous waste disposal facility projects and we are familiar with the environmental industry.  Our attorneys have assisted construction and operation projects in the coal, mining, chemical and petrochemical sectors, possessing direct experience and sophisticated understandings of EHS compliance, as well as accountability and incident management in high-risk industries.  We focus on the development of the laws, regulations and standards in EHS and ESG areas, maintain collaborative partnerships with environmental protection organizations, and advise on emerging environmental PPP projects.  Our teams are leaders in the provision of EHS and ESG legal and compliance services.

Recent Representative Cases

  • Long-term counseling for the China Beijing Green Exchange on its routine and innovative business and assisting in establishing the rules for environmental rights trading.

  • Representing numerous enterprises invested by multinational corporations in China with respect to environmental incidents and compliance issues.

  • Advising numerous multinational corporations on their investments in various sewage treatment and waste disposal projects in China.

  • Advising on various domestic comprehensive treatment of water areas and sponge city PPP projects.