Legal and Compliance Digitization

With the intensifying of informatization and digitization of businesses, along with the increasingly complex regulatory environment, enterprises now have to cope with numerous and emerging legal and compliance issues. This requires their legal and compliance departments to adapt to a faster business pace, and to provide timely and even real-time feedback. Their roles need to be shifted from “firefighting” to “prevention” and from “reactive” to “proactive”. They have difficulties addressing the new challenges using the traditional ways of manually managing legal and compliance matters. Building a digitized legal and compliance management system is irresistibly trendy and imminent.

Building a digitized legal and compliance management system requires a deep integration of law, management, business and technology. Digitization is not equal to stacking of technical tools. It requires a thorough understanding of an enterprise’s business and development strategies, extensive experience in legal and compliance practice, and in-depth analysis and abstraction of the relevant business scenarios. It also requires effective organization and analysis of legal and compliance-related data, communication and coordination in a language that can be understood by legal, management, business and technology teams, and the ability to manage the implementation of  complex projects.

Our Team

Our team include initiators, managers and core members of digitization projects, who are not only experienced lawyers but also have first-hand experience in planning, feasibility study, project approvals, system analysis and design and project management. Years of practice as lawyers, in-house counsel, law enforcement professionals and advisors enable our team members to view legal and compliance management from multiple perspectives. We have a profound understanding of the objectives, needs and challenges of legal and compliance management, and offer our solutions based on practical experience. Our team also have a broad view and understanding of legal and compliance management practices and the development of legal technology.

Core Service Areas

As a pioneer of digital transformation in the legal industry, JunHe supports enterprises throughout the full life cycle of their legal and compliance digitization projects.

  • Assisting in strategic planning and project approvals

We assist enterprises with strategic planning regarding legal and compliance digitization, including researching and analyzing the current status of legal and compliance management, and developing strategic plans and roadmaps for digitization. We also assist with project approvals, including drafting applications for project approvals, conducting feasibility studies, and assisting with the relevant communication and reporting.

  • Requirements analysis and system design

We assist enterprises with reviewing legal and compliance related policies, functional roles and duties and work processes, and conduct requirements research and analysis. We offer advice on the optimization of legal and compliance management processes and risk control, and provide overall and detailed designs for digital systems or modules from the perspective of legal and compliance management requirements and practices.

  • Project implementation

During project implementation, we assist with communicating with development teams regarding system requirements and design, designing of test cases, and testing and launching of systems.

  • Legal and compliance data governance

We provide legal and compliance data governance services, including legal and compliance data governance planning, data analytics, data cleaning, maintenance and migration.

  • Project management

We assist enterprises with overall management of legal and compliance digitization projects, including the management of project scope, progress, cost and communication.

  • Comprehensive legal support

We provide comprehensive support in dealing with legal and compliance matters involved in digitization projects themselves, including contractual arrangements for software development, licensing, implementation, operation and maintenance, software intellectual property protection and transactions, cybersecurity, data compliance and privacy protection.

Recent Representative Cases

JunHe started its own informatization and digital transformation early in the legal industry in China. In addition to systems procured from vendors, we have also independently developed our own systems for business management, risk control and knowledge management. During this process, we have gained extensive first-hand experience and recognition in the legal industry.

JunHe has accumulated broad and profound professional knowledge and practical experience. With more than 30 years of steady development, JunHe now covers a comprehensive range of professional areas related to legal and compliance management, and has a massive repository of business scenarios and rich implementation experience. All these form a solid basis for the analysis,  abstraction and internalization of business scenarios and data analytics required in legal and compliance digitization.

JunHe is one of the largest leading law firms in China, and the pioneering role it has played is widely recognized in the legal industry. Our integrated firm management enable us to consistently provide reliable quality services during the full life cycle of legal and compliance digitization projects.