Our patent practice plays an important role in JunHe's intellectual property practice.   JunHe is committed to helping clients maximize the commercial value of patented technologies and to acquire, use and maintain their patent rights.  Our patent team provides bespoke legal services to numerous corporations and high-tech enterprises at home and abroad, and also works in tandem with other practice teams (including mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and dispute resolution) to offer comprehensive legal services.

Our Team

Our patent team is based in our Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Silicon Valley offices and is comprised of over 30 patent attorneys and agents with rich experience and solid technical backgrounds.  They are familiar with the patent practices in China and the USA and are adept in diverse languages such as Chinese, English, German, Japanese and Korean.  We rely on our extensive knowledge in patent applications, maintenance and protection to provide strategic planning and advice to our clients.  

In view of our outstanding performance and testimonials from our clients, Chambers Asia Pacific consistently recognizes JunHe as a leading law firm in the field of intellectual property practice in China.

Core Areas of Practice

Patent procurement services that are based in China and serve the world.  We not only assist with drafting and applying for patents in China, we help our clients to prepare and manage their patent portfolios, and to evaluate the costs and efficiency of patent applications from the view of comprehensive IP strategies.  We also cooperate with top-ranking law firms around the world in filing foreign patent applications.

Patent dispute resolution that is offensive and defensive.  We represent our clients in patent infringement lawsuits in Chinese courts, and help our clients to realize and enforce their patent rights and stop patent infringement.  We also defend clients in infringement proceedings and litigation.  Our team also has abundant experience in, inter alia, patent invalidation procedures and patent administrative enforcement procedures.

Patent services that involve both experience and wisdom.  Patent protection emphasizes strategy.  We research and analyze relevant products and technologies, so as to evaluate the possibility of patent infringement and/or the invalidity of disputed patents.  We leverage our knowledge and experience to evaluate the patentability of inventions and the scope of the patents and applications.  Our team also provides legal consultancy services on contract issues with regard to patents (e.g., technology transfers, cooperation, development and licensing).

Patent issues in commercial transactions.   The patent team and other corporate law teams in JunHe work together to advise on patent issues involved in venture capital or private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, bankruptcies and restructuring, and dispute resolution.  We reel silk from cocoons, using our specialized expertise to solve issues in complex transactions.

Scholarly and innovative lawyers 

Continuous innovation is not only the basis of patented technology, but also the mission of JunHe's patent team.  Our patent team consists of trial lawyers who have years of litigation experience, former senior judges with decades of experience in hearing intellectual property cases, and prosecution lawyers focusing on patent procurement and transactional patent related matters.  Due to a rich variety of backgrounds, the team offers comprehensive and innovative solutions in complicated and difficult contentious and non-contentious patent matters and is regularly entrusted by Chinese and foreign clients.

Recent Representative Cases

  • Represented the Chinese affiliate of iRobot Corporation in patent infringement litigation, patent administrative mediation, patent invalidation procedures and other actions; successfully conducted a non-infringement defense to stop an injunction against iRobot; invalidated the Chinese patent relied upon by the opposing party; and, ultimately, secured a complete victory before the Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality, the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court and the Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO.

  • Helped Emerson Electric Co. to protect its patents, including conducting patent infringement analysis on several suspected infringing products in the Chinese market, so as to develop a comprehensive litigation strategy; investigated the subject matter of the litigation, notarized purchases and collected evidence; and filed the patent infringement lawsuit.  The infringer was forced to settle with our client and was ordered to cease the infringement, publish an apology, destroy its stock of products, transfer the molds and remit monetary compensation. Furthermore, in a patent infringement lawsuit filed against another infringer, we assisted the client to win the case after going through the first and second trials and the patent invalidation proceedings initiated by the infringer with the Patent Reexamination Board. 

  • Represented B.R.H.A.M.S. GmbH in protecting its patents, including investigating the suspected infringing products manufactured and sold by several medical device companies, developing a litigation plan, collecting evidence of the infringement and filing separate actions with the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People's Court against several defendants.  Following the court mediation, the two opposing parties were forced to settle with our client and pay a large amount of compensation.