General Legal Counsel Service

Since the 1990s, JunHe has been providing general legal counsel services to various foreign investors for their investments in China and the foreign-invested enterprises established by such foreign investors. As the country’s economy booms, JunHe is providing legal services to more and more state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and individuals. Among these clients there are a large number of listed companies, both domestic and foreign. Many of JunHe’s valued clients maintain relationships with JunHe for well over a decade.

JunHe’s general legal counsel services team consists of partners and lawyers across various practice areas in our domestic and overseas offices. Many of our staff have worked or studied abroad and have worked as senior government officials, business executives, judges, accountants, taxation specialists or scientists. Our lawyers can work both in Chinese and English. Our team has a deep understanding of our clients’ business models and can propose optimum solutions based on their practical needs.

Our general legal counsel services include the following aspects:

  • General and Specialized Advice. Advising on general legal issues in respect to our clients’ daily operation and analyzing and advising on various specialized legal issues encountered by clients in their operations, such as intellectual property rights, taxation, customs and environmental protection.

  • Routine Contracts. Drafting, reviewing and revising daily business operation contracts, including business cooperation agreements, distribution agreements, purchase contracts, sales contracts, service contracts, confidentiality agreements, lease agreements, license agreements and other legal documents.

  • Corporate Governance Structure and Rules & Regulations. Assisting clients in establishing and improving their internal governance structures, improving internal rules and regulations, and drafting resolutions for the board of directors and shareholders' meetings.

  • Compliance Advice. Rendering legal advice on various compliance risk controls for clients' local operations, and providing legal services to clients that are subject to compliance reviews and sanctions from government authorities.

  • Labor and Employment. Providing legal services to clients at all stages of the conclusion, performance, termination, renewal and employment period of or under labor contracts, and assisting clients in handling general labor disputes.

  • Pre-litigation Service. Assisting clients in handling disputes prior to litigation and arbitration, and representing clients in issuing attorney letters, demand letters and other documents to third parties. 

  • Support for Major Business Activities. Participating in project planning, scheme designing and commercial negotiations, as well as providing procedural assistance and services for clients’ major business activities.

  • Crisis Management. Assisting clients in their crisis management. 

  • Witnessing of Civil and Commercial Activities. Providing attorney witnessing services for the important civil and commercial activities of clients.

  • Legal Training. Providing legal review and trainings on legal hotspots that the clients concern.

  • Legal Updates. Providing up-to-date information on changes in Chinese laws, regulations and policies.

Recent Representative Cases

General Legal Counsel Service for Volvo

JunHe has cooperated with Volvo for almost ten years and has provided comprehensive legal services for its operation and development in China. Such services include drafting, reviewing and revising various contracts for the daily operation of Volvo, providing opinions on various compliance projects, and assisting Volvo in handling various product quality and labor disputes.

General Legal Counsel Service for Burberry

JunHe has provided general legal counsel services for Burberry since 2007 and provided full legal supports for its entry into the Chinese market. During the last 11 years, JunHe has reviewed large numbers of legal documents for Burberry, including property lease agreements, cooperation agreements, investment agreements and store fit-out contracts, and has provided advice in respect to legal issues relating to Burberry’s operation and compliance.

General Legal Counsel Service for Johnson & Johnson Medical

For over 12 years, JunHe has provided comprehensive general legal counsel services to Johnson & Johnson Medical for its operation and development in China. JunHe has been involved in providing comprehensive legal services for Johnson & Johnson Medical’s reorganization, merger and division, and in drafting, reviewing and revising various business operation contracts. In addition, JunHe has assisted Johnson & Johnson Medical in carrying out its internal investigations, provided legal advice on its compliance issues and dispute resolution matters, as well as legal trainings and external counsel supports.

General Legal Counsel Service for Bosch China

JunHe has been providing general legal counsel services for Bosch China for years, which includes issuing legal opinions in respect to the telecommunications, compliance and other relevant licenses relating to its products and business, and drafting, reviewing and revising various daily operation contracts.