Telecom and Internet

Within a very specialized practice area, JunHe has proudly provided our services for nearly two decades to various major telecommunications and Internet clients as well as non-telecommunications multinational clients with telecommunications-related business or plans in China. We have persistently provided pertinent, pragmatic and constructive advice and opinions to our clients in this specialized practice area. Meanwhile, JunHe’s telecommunications and Internet practice is also a part of its general M&A, foreign direct investment and capital markets practices. Our lawyers have gained a wealth of relevant experience as a result of our representation in a significant number of telecommunications and Internet transactions and legal advice. We have represented telecommunications and Internet companies, as well as the private equity funds and investment institutions that finance them in various transactions of M&A, private investments/placements and initial public offerings. We are able to represent various telecommunications and Internet companies, underwriters, and investors and provide services related to due diligence, regulatory compliance, investment structuring, restructuring, negotiations, documentation and closings of the transactions in this area.  

Our Team

The Telecommunication and Internet Practice Team consists of a number of partners, all of whom are educated or trained in either the U.S. or the U.K, with over 10 years of experience acquired in general corporate, private equity, M&A, capital market or foreign direct investment practices.  Under the leadership of the partners, JunHe is able to form dedicated transaction teams of lawyers whose diverse experience is needed to complete large and complex transactions and to creatively solve the array of issues typically encountered in the field of telecommunications and Internet. We achieve this for our clients (whether they are international clients or Chinese companies) by offering valuable support on a cost-efficient basis.

Core Areas of Practice

  • PRC law compliance analysis and advice for telecommunications/Internet clients or non-telecommunications multinational clients with respect to their telecommunications-related business or plans in China

  • Provide legal services for telecommunications/Internet clients and relevant parties in their transactions of financing, restructuring and M&A, and capital market deals

As a major full-service law firm in China, JunHe is able to provide our clients with support from teams of lawyers located in seven offices throughout China (including Hong Kong), as well as a multidisciplinary approach to addressing clients’ needs with respect to telecommunications issues, working closely with many practice areas within JunHe.  For example, our professional team working on the protection of proprietary rights and information is often an integral part of our support for telecommunication and Internet companies.  Our intellectual property expertise enables us to assist our clients in patent review and registration, copyright and trademark registration and protection, trade secret protection, technology transfer and licensing, and other proprietary rights matters.

Recent Representative Cases

  • AT&T, BT, Cable & Wireless – JunHe provided advice to AT&T/BT/Cable & Wireless and various offshore telecommunications carriers on telecom-related legal and regulatory affairs and direct investment in China.

  • China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Satellite Communications – JunHe represented China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Satellite Communications and various domestic telecom carriers and advised on the telecom-related legal and regulatory matters in China and off-shore transactions globally.

  • BMW – JunHe, as long-term retained legal counsel to the BMW Group, represented and advised the BMW Group on various telecom-related legal and regulatory matters including automobile telematics services, call center service, value-added telecom information service, Internet mapping and positioning service, online sales platform and BBS services.