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JunHe Welcomes New Partners Zhang Xingzhong, Feng Ai and Chen Xunan and New Counsel Shen Na


JunHe warmly welcomes new partners ZHANG, Xingzhong, Feng Ai and Chen Xunan, and new counsel Shen Na. 

ZHANG, Xingzhong

Mr. ZHANG, Xingzhong graduated from Jilin University with a bachelor degree of law and completed his EMBA program at Zhejiang University. He is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Business Administration program at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Mr. Zhang previously served as a prosecutor in Zhejiang People’s Procuratorate and Hangzhou Xihu District People's Procuratorate, and was primarily engaged in investigations relating to duty crime cases. Later, he became a teacher at the Zhejiang Province Management College of Politics and Law, teaching constitutional and administrative law. In early 1996, he began his formal legal career as a partner at a law firm.

Mr. Zhang specializes in capital markets, corporation related businesses, asset management, real-estate related business, family wealth management and other fields. Since his career began in 1993, he has been involved in civil, administrative and criminal cases. Since 1994, he has provided comprehensive legal services in the real estate field, serving as a perennial legal adviser to a variety of enterprises, institutions and government departments across different industries. Since 2000, he has provided services for corporations regarding restructuring and stock listing, acquisition and reorganizing listed companies, as well as companies' debt crisis in the field of the capital market. Moreover, he has offered legal services for trust companies and insurance fund management companies in terms of trust asset management and trust investment, as well as family wealth management. Since 2015, Mr. Zhang has hosted several well-known projects relevant to control rights competition among public companies’ major shareholders. At the same time, Mr. Zhang has held an in-depth study of the compliance affairs and dispute resolution of listed companies. Currently, he is transferring his personal profiles and going through other relevant formalities before joining JunHe.

Feng Ai

Mr. Feng Ai graduated from Nankai University with a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws and has practiced as a lawyer for 15 years. He was a partner of a renowned law firm before joining JunHe.

Mr. Feng Ai expertise focuses on the issuance of securities and company listings, restructuring and merger and acquisitions, PE funds and securities investment funds. In the field of securities, he has advised dozens of corporate clients on their restructuring and reorganization, onshore and offshore IPOs, restructuring of material assets and refinancing and asset securitization. His experience covers a range of sectors including energy, finance, communications, media, agriculture, retail, real estate, iron and steel, manufacturing, internet, pharmaceutical and education. In the field of PE investment funds, he has advised on the establishment of and the financing for multiple leading and creative funds in China, such as Bohai Industrial Investment Fund, which was the first contractual PE fund in China. In addition, Mr. Feng Ai has advised several securities investment fund management companies in China on their incorporation and acquisition and advised dozens of securities investment funds on their seeking of finance. He has been engaged by several listed companies as their perennial legal counsel. Currently, he is transferring his personal profiles and going through other relevant formalities.

Chen Xunan

Mr. Chen Xunan graduated from Zhejiang Gongshang University (formerly the Hangzhou Business School) with a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws. Before joining JunHe, in 2009 and 2019 he was a partner in the securities group of the Hangzhou office of a high profile Beijing law firm, mainly advising on the issuance of securities and company listings, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of listing companies, and PE investment. Before this, Mr. Chen Xunan worked at the Hangzhou office of a reputable Shanghai law firm. He specializes in capital markets, corporation and mergers and acquisitions, and private equity/venture capital investment.

During his ten years in the legal profession, Mr. Chen has served many distinguished clients, including advising Zhejiang United Investment Group and Hengda Real Estate Group (a company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market) on a friendly takeover/hostile takeover/anti-takeover. He advised Hangke Technology Co., Ltd., Chengbang Eco-Environment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Long Sheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yuxing Film Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Minka Technology Co., Ltd., Hai Bo Heavy Engineering Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shengxunda Technology Co., Ltd., Huarui Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shanxiahu Pearl Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Baoding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Shenke Slide Bearing Corporation on their IPOs of A-shares and listings. He advised Wuchan Zhongda Group, Zhejiang ShengDa Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Transfar Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Beibu Gulf Port Co., Ltd., Shenzhen HeT Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., Wolong Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. and Wolong Electric Drive Group Co., Ltd. on refinancing. He also advised Zhejiang Shangfeng Holdings Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Topoint Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. on their restructuring. Currently, he is transferring his personal profiles and going through other relevant formalities before joining JunHe.

Shen Na

Ms. Shen Na graduated from Zhejiang University with a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws. Previously, she served as counsel at a reputable law firm and has nine years of experience in practicing law. Ms. Shen has specialized in capital markets, especially  domestic A-share IPOs, overseas red-chip listings, mergers and reorganization of listed companies and refinancing. She has hosted projects in fields such as the internet, games, manufacuturing, construction, real estate, pharmaceuticals, education and agriculture. She hosted the foundation, placement and investment of several private equity funds and provided legal services to dozens of securities investment funds in their placement, reform and liquidation. She also provided compliance services to fund management subsidairies, trust companies and bank asset management subsidiaries. Ms. Shen serves as permenant legal counsel for several listed companies. 

2019 is JunHe’s 30th anniversary year. We are always eager to invite top partners and lawyers to join us. Mr. Zhang Xingzhong, Mr. Feng Ai, Mr. Chen Xunan and Ms. Shen Na will increase our capability in providing professional and comprehensive legal service in their relevant fields. They will also help connect JunHe’s offices more closely to provide efficient one-stop legal services to all our clients.

JunHe is the only Chinese law firm to be admitted as a member of Lex Mundi and Multilaw, two international networks of independent law firms. JunHe and selected top law firms in major European and Asian jurisdictions are “best friends.” Through these connections, we provide high quality legal services to clients doing business throughout the world.