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JunHe Assists China Resources Capital in Setting up its US Dollar Fund and Completing its Strategic Investment in TalkingData


TalkingData recently announced a new round of financing totaling USD 100 million. This round of financing was led by CR Data Fund (Big Data Technology Application Fund), a fund which is owned by China Resources Capital as a strategic investor. The establishment of the CR Data Fund and the completion of this round of financing will greatly promote collaboration between China Resources Capital’s diversified industry and TalkingData’s big data intelligence.

Founded in 2011, TalkingData is China's leading data intelligence service provider dedicated to creating value for partners and helping businesses and the modern world achieve a data-driven intelligent transformation.

China Resources Capital Management Limited is a first-class profit center and a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Resources Group. It is the collaboration bridge between the real economy sectors and finance business and the promoter of innovation, transformation and development. CR Data Fund (Big Data Technology Application Fund) is a US dollar fund jointly established by China Resources Capital, DE Capital and Data Central to focus on equity investment in big data application fields such as data analysis and data intelligence, which helps the digital transformation and development of the China Resources’ business.

TalkingData's current round of fundraising is in a total amount of around USD 100 million and involves the establishment of the CR Data Fund as well as negotiation and communication between old and new investors. It is also the largest of  TalkingData's fundraising. The project started in May 2020, and as the legal counsel of China Resources Capital, JunHe worked with the project teams in Beijing and Hong Kong with efforts. The project’s timetable was tight and JunHe provided professional and efficient legal services including demonstration of the transaction structure, establishment of the US dollar fund, legal due diligence and the negotiation and revision of the transaction documents. JunHe provided comprehensive legal advice on the key issues of concern to investors.

The partners led this Project were Mr. ZHAO, Xiyong (Sammuel) and Mr. ZHANG, Zhijin (Jean).

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