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JunHe Assists Shanghai General Healthy Information And Technology Co., Ltd. in its A-share Listing on the Main Board


On December 22, 2020, Shanghai General Healthy Information And Technology Co., Ltd. ("General Healthy Information" or the "Company") was successfully listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with the stock code 605186. JunHe acted as the legal counsel of the issuer. General Healthy Information issued 34 million new A-shares with an issue price of RMB 14.20 per share. 

General Healthy Information is a well-known provider of total solutions for medical logistics automation, informatization, intelligence and mhealth in China. Since its establishment, General Healthy Information has focused on providing products and services for intelligent drug management in the medical service and pharmaceutical circulation industry. These products and services are intended to improve the work efficiency, service quality and management level of the relevant institutions, and to reduce direct contact between medical staff and harmful drugs. They also aim to improve the working conditions of medical staff and improve patients' medical experience. The company has more than 400 hospital users and maintains a leading position in the industry. General Healthy Information has rich project implementation experience, and the systems developed by the company are compatible with the HIS or pharmacy ERP systems of most hospitals. The company’s many clients include Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Huashan Hospital Fudan University, Peking University First Hospital, Peking University People's Hospital, Nanfang Hospital Southern Medical University, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University and The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University. 

As well as being the legal counsel of the issuer of the project, JunHe has provided continuous and in-depth legal services for the IPO of General Healthy Information since 2017. JunHe’s team have assisted General Healthy Information in restructuring and adjusting their domestic and overseas assets and businesses, establishing joint-stock companies, tutoring in acceptance inspection and declaration for listing, and continuously assisted the company in the area of regulations. Since the company initially submitted the application for listing, JunHe has worked closely with the other intermediaries engaged by the company to carefully examine and verify the key issues of concern by the CSRC. They provided detailed and accurate replies and explanations to the feedback given from the CSRC in several rounds. JunHe’s team was unanimously affirmed by the company and the other intermediaries for their efficient, rigorous and stable working style as well as their meticulous and professional service attitude. 

The leading partner of the project was Mr. JIANG, Wenjun (Kelvin), and the signature lawyers were Mr. JIANG, Wenjun (Kelvin) and Mr. WANG, Yi

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